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Fast Income Pro – Is Fast Income Pro a Scam?

Fast Income ProFast Income Pro is a new work at home opportunity that is created by Travis Johnstone.

This opportunity claims to give you all the tools necessary to make money from home.

In this Website Review, we will be going over Fast Income Pro, and let you know if it is a legitimate work at home opportunity, or just another work at home scam. So let’s get into it.

So What Is Fast Income Pro All About?

On the sales page, it appears that they promise a 5 step education program, along with 24/7 to their support staff, and personal coaching.

The sales page also states how this is a simple and easy opportunity, and also how Travis was able to quit his job after just two weeks of using this system. That gives me red flags.

Another claim is that you can make money with no special skills, and with only a couple hours a week. Working from home is not just a “couple hours a week” type job. That gave me my second red flag.

Besides the unlikely claims they are making, let’s talk about the price.

The sales page says Fast Income Pro will cost a one-time fee $97.00. It says “no future payments, no monthly fees”, but that’s not true. Read their T&C and you’ll see it says it costs a one-time fee of $197.00.

After you are charged that, you can “apply” for your $100 rebate or promotion. However, if you do not apply within 90 days, your rebate will no longer be honored. Pretty shady, right?

The Final Verdict on Fast Income Pro

Our final conclusion is that we give Fast Income Pro the RED LIGHT. You are very unlikely to see any success if you invest in this.

Instead, we recommend you visit our Top Recommended page to view some of the top-rated opportunities that have the highest success rate.

What is your experience with Fast Income Pro? Read other people’s reviews and post yours below…

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8 Responses to Fast Income Pro – Is Fast Income Pro a Scam?

  1. Avril says:

    Great publish, I actually enjoy fresh news by you.

  2. Stacey Brown says:

    Did I just get scammed??? All the phone numbers I called are too busy to answer. I want my money back. I was lead to believe it was only 49.95. A big discount. I was told i would get a rebate form to fill out and I have not. Whats the deal. Is it necessary to report to the BBB???

    • Daniel Hatcher says:

      Unfortunately, it does sound like you got scammed. The BBB won’t do anything for you (although they sometimes claim they can)… go directly to your bank and say you were scammed… that the item was not as described. They’ll give you your money back.

      • Ashley McDonough says:

        Yes, I agree. I did not get my rebate either. I sent mine in through e-mail & fax. NEVER RECEIVED THE RBATE…That was sent on Feb.12,2011. We are into the end of April. Good-luck on decision making .

  3. lisa says:

    Hope for a wonderful outcome !!

  4. Nancy D says:

    I was told to down load firefox on a notebook that wouldn’t take it.
    I’ve spent about 5500 dollars on this and got zip .NO one will answer questions or tell you how to access the option 5 they talk about when cornered. I hope someone can get even with these ASSHOLES

  5. DittmerDan says:

    I tried the fast income pro just because it said I would get a free refund after 2 months trial period if I did not make any money. After about two weeks of paying with my debit card. My bank kept trying to get hacked. Im not saying its related, just throwing that bit of info out. Well I tried the program and did not make one red cent. I called them two months later. And they said due to their terms and conditions they wont refund the money. I said due to my terms and conditions, you can either refund my 97 dollars now. Or ill take you to small claims court. You can pay the 97 plus lawyer fees and court costs. Needless to say i had the 97 back in 3 days sitting in my bank.

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