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Home Income Wealth System – Is The Home Start Up Kit Legitimate?

Home Income Wealth System The Home Income Wealth System (previously known as the “Home Income Profit System”) is an internet scam that is causing thousands of innocent people to be scammed daily.

At first appearance, this Home Income Wealth System seems like a great way to make some easy money from home.

They are even going to give you a Home Business Start Up Kit! Woah! And for only $2.97? What a deal! Right?…. Wrong. If you do not want to fall victim to this scam, then read all of this.

There are many reasons of why I would strongly recommend you stay away from this Home Income Wealth System, and throughout this page, I will be going over those reasons.

Home Income Wealth System Is a HUGE SCAM!

At first sight, you probably get dragged into this whole wealth system that they are offering. Many people do, and they end up entering their information.

Their next page is an order form where you can get the Home Business Start Up Kit. But instead of you paying $39.97, you only $2.97! What a great deal right?

Well, check out what it says in the fine print on the site:

By submitting your order you have read and understand the terms and conditions of the offer, which explain the order includes an immediate charge of $2.97. If you enjoy the 5-day trial and want to continue your path to online wealth, you will be billed a one-time fee of $138.67 that will maintain full access to the entire money making program. From this point you will have 30 more days to utilize our 3 month accelerated training program. You do not need to do anything to continue receiving full access and will be charged $58.91 per month for the duration of your membership. You may cancel anytime during the program or trial by calling: (800) 381-1681 and you will not be billed any further charges.

Can you believe that? This $2.97 product just turned into a $138.67 product, and you aren’t even told this is a 5-day trial unless you were to read that fine print.

The fact is, most people get excited when they see a deal (or at least what they think is a deal). When they see they are going to get this $39.97 kit for just $2.97, they are probably excited to get started.

Why Don’t People Cancel the Home Income Wealth System?

It’s for one of two reasons…

  1. They either are mislead and not well-informed that this is a 5-day trial. Again, it only states that you have a 5-day trial in the fine, small print.
  2. They call the 1-800 number and are either put on hold for hours on end, or a “staff member” answers the phone and claims they canceled the trial, when in reality they didn’t.

There are tons of horror stories of people calling in to cancel their trial and getting harassed, insulted, and even hung up on. It’s extremely hard to cancel this trial, and very few successfully do.

The Final Verdict on Home Income Wealth System

Our final conclusion is that we give Home Income Wealth System the RED LIGHT. You’re very unlikely to see any success from this.

Instead, we recommend you visit our Top Recommended page to view some of the top-rated opportunities that have the highest success rate.

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