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Survey Money Machine Review – Is Hailey Gates a Scam?

Survey Money MachineContrary to what most seem to think, SurveyMoneyMachine.com is not a market research company.

It is a private website run by Hailey Gates, who claims she has a list of free online surveys. All you have to do is sign up with your name, email address, and gender.

Once you enter your information, you’ll instantly be sent an email asking to confirm your email address. Once you’ve done that, you’ll be able to see the whole list.

Her list includes a lot of survey companies that we have reviewed in the past (which you can see on our Free Online Surveys page). But the question remains…

Is Survey Money Machine a Legitimate Site or a Scam?

Since everything is free here, no scam can occur. However, the one thing that is misleading about Survey Money Machine is how misleading the income potential is.

Anyone that gets paid to take surveys online knows that you cannot make $150 in an hour by filling out surveys. Her outrageous claims that she makes on her site is very misleading.

Taking surveys online can earn you cash, prizes, gift cards, and so on… no doubt about that. You can get a couple hundred bucks each month through surveys, but not in an hour!

What About the $100 Check Hailey Gates Promises?

When you sign up for most survey sites, they usually give you a bonus for signing up. You will find a lot of sites (like InboxDollars and Cash4Offers) that will give you $5 just to sign up for free.

That’s already $10 in free money. But the problem is, each of these sites has a minimum payout that you must earn before they send you a check.

For example, InboxDollars will give you $5 to sign up, but their minimum payout is $30. So even though you have $5 just for signing up, you still need to earn $25 more dollars to get a check sent out to you.

Rest assured, Hailey Gates has never, and never will, send a personal check of $100 to anyone who joins Survey Money Machine. Anyway, let me get back on track here…

Most of the sites she lists has a sign up bonus, so I am sure you could get $50 in an hour, but they would just be sign up bonuses, and you would still need to reach the minimum payout on those sites.

The Final Verdict on Survey Money Machine

SurveyMoneyMachine.com is not a scam, however, it may be misleading and makes people believe that filling out surveys is extremely easy and fast money. It may be easy money, but it’s not fast.

Surveys do take some time, but regardless, it’s a way you can work from home.

Our final conclusion is that we give Survey Money Machine the YELLOW LIGHT. You can find success with this, but there are better options.

Instead, we recommend you visit our Top Recommended page to view some of the top-rated opportunities that have the highest success rate.

What is your experience with Survey Money Machine? Read other people’s reviews and post yours below…

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